Academic and Educational Consulting
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Dr. Bosch’s workshops have been extremely effective in preparing our students to present their research. The workshops have given our students a competitive edge which has helped them to bring home awards from national conferences. (Program Director)

Relationship between speaker and students was very strong. Effectively transmitted points across through the use of anecdotes. (Trainee)

I want to express how beneficial Dr. Bosch was in communicating the expectations of a "successful student". She gave exceptional advice, but most of all she listened! She listened so well, that I began to listen to myself in ways that I had never done. Such that, I realized that if I do not address certain flaws within my plan, then it would be unnecessarily difficult to accomplish my goals. She was great and I plan to keep in touch. (Trainee)

Dr. Bosch gave specific concrete suggestions about strategies for mentoring of URM students. (Faculty)

Thank you very much again for providing so many very helpful comments and sharing your extremely valuable thoughts with us. (Program Director)

I liked the topic of what to look for in a school, the name of the school is not everything. There are several components in choosing a school. (Trainee)


Speaker was great about dissertation writing. (Trainee)

I really like the fact that "real life" examples are always used. (Trainee)

Her style, very welcoming and yet realistic. (Faculty)

Really enjoyed the talks. Helped me gain new perspectives and insights into topics that I thought I already knew everything about. In every talk, I learned at least 2 new and valuable things. (Trainee)

I was engaged during the whole workshop. The presenter was very helpful in guiding me in my thought process. (Trainee)

I loved the presentation. I found the general writing statements effective in augmenting my writing skills. (Trainee)

Clear, concise, insightful about writing. (Trainee)

I had never before considered writing a mission statement for my life and I really liked learning how to construct one and write down some preliminary thoughts. Sometimes my biggest issue with my future is not knowing exactly what I want to do and so forming my mission in this way will definitely be helpful. (Trainee)

Overall the information session was precise and enlightening. I learned a lot about networking and social etiquette. (Trainee)

"Strongest advocate+strongest critic" - great and illuminating way to think about it. (Faculty)

Your extremely valuable and helpful ideas and comments significantly helped us in developing and improving our full proposal….really helps to further improve it. (Program Director)

Very structured and organized presentation. Really good examples used to connect with concepts delivered. (Trainee)

t'd be safe to say this session to learn to develop my IDP was life-changing. (Trainee)

peaker said good stuff, she never became boring and did not repeat unnecessary things. (Faculty)

Your comments and advice will be very helpful….we feel like you are part of our team! (Program Administrator)

I learned Q&A tips and strategies, controlling the audience with body language. (Trainee)

She really connected with the students and did activities to get us involved. (Trainee)

Thank you for going over the different financial support packages we can look at to fund our graduate education. (Trainee)

I enjoyed all the sessions concerning communication. I was introduced to concepts in communication that I had not thought of myself. (Trainee)